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1.She probably smells good 2.She is brave and selfless 3.Her attitude keeps spirits up 4.Her body is wonderfully proportioned 5.She has pretty eyes 6.Scientifically proven high adaptability 7.She gives off a sense of warmth and softness 8.She is beautiful. 9.Hair tastes good. 10.Great sense of rhythm. 11.She would keep you warm and share food with you. 12.She is good at pressing buttons. 13.She would be a good mother. 14.Right amount of crazy. 15.Knows how to operate all weapons. 16. Fat teats. 17.She is protective of those she loves. 18.She has no inhibitions. 19.She could make a great meal. 20.She is probably god. 21.She is the coolest person in the world. 22.She inspires creativity. 23.She is very strong. 24.She is difficult to digest. 25.She makes her friend happy. 26.She knows how not to embarrass her friend in heartfelt moments. 27.She always knows the way. 28.Not afraid to experiment with the unknown. 29.Well balanced. 30.Does not get hangovers. 31.Defends the weak. 32.Athletic, could have competed on an international level if the world hadn't ended. 33. Always helpful, regardless of circumstances. 34.Not ashamed by nudity, finds it to be liberating and beautiful. 35.Greatest philosopher of her time. 36.Can harness the power of the moon. 37.Stretchy and cute face. 38.Fears no man or beast, can defeat foes despite obvious physical advantages. 39.High intelligence. 40.Can discern between the inedible and edible. 41.Her body is warm and would be nice to cuddle with. 42.She is a survivor of impossible circumstances. 43.World's greatest riflewoman. 44.Quick reflexes. 45.Great at holding hands. 46.Greatest artist of her time. 47.Not too picky about things. 48.Great with pets. 49.Talented singer. 50.Can hold her liquor. 51.Possible descendant of Finland. 52.God emperor of Dune. 53.Know how to FUSION. 54.Understands the complexity of human nature. 55.Cute giggle. 56.Understands the concept of death. 57.Probably fertile. 58.She would never abandon a friend. 59.Very hygienic. 60.She is extremely genki. 61.Very cute when intoxicated. 62.Defines life itself. 63.Can survive long periods without proper nutrition. 64.Understands how valuable food really is. 65.Very resourceful. 66.Highly empathetic. 67. Therapeutic, helped her friends keep it together. 68.She is very photogenic. 69.She is an excellent tactician. 70.Cute navel. 71.She is very kissable. 72.She has very nice hair. 73.She is interdimensional. 74.Hands on learner. 75.Healthy state of mind. 76.She probably tastes good. 77.She is designed for cold environments. 78.Is capable of creating culture. 79.She could be an excellent farmer. 80.She understands that somethings are just things. 81.Loves all living beings. 82.Can perform miracles. 83.She can bring people together in the name of love. 84.She sounds cute when sleeping. 85.She is very pure. 86.Very animal friendly. 87.She is very fashionable. 88.She has a wonderful smile. 89.She Is an excellent swimmer. 90.She is good at crafts. 91.She is an avid collector of fine artifacts. 92.She is an excellent dancer. 93.She has a nice butt. 94.Good vision. 95.Great taste in food. 96.She enjoys explosions. 97.She is very imaginative. 98.Can conjure items into existence. 99.She has saved lives. 100.She lived an interesting and fulfilling life. 101.Very nice skin with healthy color. 102.She’s an explorer. 103.Defies psychological concepts. 104.Doesn’t need socks. 105.She’s Yuuri! 106.Her skin is likely smooth. 107.She is very polite. 108.She never gives up. 109.She enjoys building things. 110.She is an astrologist. 111.She would risk injury for the sake of her friends. 112.She does well with what little she has. 113.She can anticipate danger. 114.She owns the best rifle ever made. 115.She can sleep whenever she wants. 116.She is very supportive. 117.She knows how to discipline children. 118.An expert prankster, the last in human history. 119.She is an excellent archeologist. 120.She is an excellent anthropologist. 121.She has a really soothing and lovely voice. 122.She has the survival instinct. 123.She is an excellent medic. 124.She may prolong your life by a couple of years. 125.She is an outstanding waitress. 126.She is really cute. 127.She is very humble. 128.She gives off a motherly aura. 129.Fresh breath. 130.She is very polite. 131.She is very proud. 132.She can most definitely be trusted. 133.She is very honest. 134.She’s a terrific teacher. 135.Excellent choice in headgear. 136.She is very considerate of others. 137.Great immune system. 138.I love Yuuri! 139.Yuuri! 140.She has a really nice name. 141.She advocates for firearm ownership. 142.Adorably goofy. 143.Can operate giant death robots. 144.Has a well balanced diet. 145.She’s hip. 146.She has great hips. 147.She is in touch with humanity. 148.She has cute feet. 149.Brilliant ecologist. 150.Keeps her equipment in good working order. 151.She’s really good at remembering stuff about food. 152.She can speak various languages. 153.She’s good at digging. 154.Very strong teeth. 155.Endless. 156.She is sly. 157.She has great dental hygiene. 158.Uknown. 159.Can take the place of society. 160.Always has something to look forward too. 161.Doesn’t mind the rain. 162.Could tell a story without saying a word. 163.She has an excellent collection of milsurp. 164.She has a very soothing appearance. 165.She isn’t afraid to try new things, especially food. 166.She is difficult to put into words. 167.She’s very knowledgeable on the subject of firearms. 168.Keeps you coming back for more. 169.Trancends all language barriers. 170.Got along with hopelessness. 171.Cute armpits. 172.Able to impede the natural order. 173.Can’t be ignored. 174.A dedicated and hardworking employee. 175.Really great at hugging. 176.Wouldn’t hurt anyone, even if they wanted it. 177.May be capable of entering a hibernation mode. 178.Skilled with bashing weapons. 179.Nice legs. 180.Mysterious. 181.Really likes fish. 182.She is very sweet. 183.She is very caring. 184.Was able to kill an intelligent AI. 185.Unpredictable. 186.She is a hero. 187.She has a good head for heights. 188.She can wear the same thing every day and still look good. 189.She can tease without being too annoying. 190.She likes a challenge. 191.She can appreciate a nice chair. 192.She has a good aesthetic sense. 193.She is playful. 194.She loves a simple potato meal. 195.She apologized to the robot before she killed it. 196.She doesn't mind carrying things. 197.She takes lots of photographs of her friend. 198.She knows when to talk. 199.She knows when to be quiet. 200.She mocks hopelessness by singing about it. 201.She takes big, enthusiastic bites. 202.She has sad eyes but she never despairs. 203.She doesn't mind the dark. 204.She likes to go off the beaten track. 205.She can cook. 206.She is open to new experiences. 207.She has chubby cheeks. 208.She remembers when two things taste the same. 209.She can get the most out of a bath. 210.She is a tireless kneader of dough. 211.She respects people who can read and write. 212.She doesn't mind being hit on the head. 213.She is upbeat. 214.She can invent the art of music from first principles. 215.She will never die. 216.She can appreciate a nice view. 217.She knows the importance of a pantry. 218.She can find sugar. 219.She can make do with an imaginary bed if she doesn't have a real one. 220.She looks at her friend's sleeping face. 221.She knows how to live in the moment. 222.She can make a roof for her vehicle just by moving her fingers in the air. 223.She always laughs. 224.She can appreciate that houses are awesome even though she doesn't have one. 225.She doesn't get travel-sick. 226.She doesn't mind when her face is squashed between two books. 227.She warns of obstacles in the road ahead. 228.She has natural talent at drumming. 229.She is always happy to suggest which way to go. 230.She is great at Jenga. 231.She is responsible for the single best entry in Chito's journal even though she can't read or write. 232.She blows bubbles. 233.She can find humour in every situation. 234.She makes a fine, big fish. 235.She can remember and savour the taste of things she ate weeks before. 236.She would be great at hide-and-seek. 237.She is content to have the road as her house. 238.She doesn't mind wearing boots that are a bit too big. 239.She will never stop being Yuuri. 240.She isn't boastful about being a natural blonde. 241.She can build a fine snowman even without a carrot. 242.She snores with a soothing sound. 243.She would make an excellent nurse. 244.She would make an excellent pastry chef. 245.She would make an excellent primary-school teacher. 246.She would make an excellent ice-skater. 247.She would make an excellent stand-up comic. 248.She can deduce the presence of hot water in a nearby pipe. 249.She does not realize she is beautiful. 250.She is an excellent shot even when her fingers are numb with cold. 251.She is always curious. 252.She can find paradise in a warm bath. 253.She retains her individuality even when appearing in another person's dream. 254.She would cheat at Monopoly. 255.She is happy to defer to her friend's wisdom. 256.She keeps her arms and legs perfectly straight when marching. 257.She can make do with nothing. 258.She will push a vehicle when necessary. 259.She appreciates a blue sky even when her feet are cold. 260.She does not let bad memories drag her down. 261.She is very versatile. 262.She doesn’t like rushing things. 263.Accepted into prestigious university.